Sunday, April 04, 2010


Pagsugat is a Filipino Easter tradition, celebrating the meeting of Jesus and Mother Mary after His Resurrection. I know, I know, it's not in the Bible, but think about it: who would be the first person Jesus would show Himself to?

Pagsugat takes place very early in the morning, in the case of our parish, at 4:00AM in the parking grounds of the nearby Victoria Mall. Too early, in fact, for my own mother and me: we arrived thirty minutes late, so we missed the actual meeting itself. Too bad we missed the spectacle: a child dressed as an angel, suspended from a rope (think bungee-jumping), is usually tasked to remove the veil from Mother Mary's face. We did stay around for the Mass, though.

As you can see, the Mass is quite well-attended, despite its very early hour.

Dawn breaks, finally. Look at the wonderful colors.

Images of the Risen Christ and Mother Mary.

Children's choir, dressed in white.

After the Mass.

Happy Easter, folks!

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