Friday, April 16, 2010

Manny, Manny, Manny....

Manny Villar, thus far standoffish and media-shy, appeared in a one-on-one interview with Karen Davila this morning.  Is this break from his usual pattern a sign of desperation?  If he set out to clear the air and set any records straight, he achieved quite the opposite: this interview brought Villar even lower in my estimation.

I found Villar equivocal and inchoate, long on generalizations and promises, far too short on specifics, even lacking in charisma and political maturity.  The most incredible and self-serving claim: that he would give all his wealth to charity.  He may be sincere, but really no one has any way of knowing -- besides, in this season, can you really differentiate between "charity" and vote-buying?  In the end, he just comes across like a small-time candidate.

This early, Villar already shows a deep aversion to inquiry, uncomfortable with questions, evasive with answers.  These are not qualities desirable in a president: the president of a country is not just a manager but a public figure who must publicly confront difficult issues.  Villar's first instinct seems to be to turn his back and steamroll any opposition.

Given his personality, and all the billions he's already sunk into the campaign, how would Villar react if he fails to get the presidency?  I think that would be amusing.

So, please, don't vote for Villar: I want to see him lose for the lulz.