Wednesday, March 03, 2010

SpecFic writing vs Realist writing

A question from Paolo Chikiamco for his virtual roundtable:
How different is your experience writing a story (or poem) without speculative fiction elements, as opposed to writing Spec Fic?
And my answer:
Strangely enough, I don't actually distinguish between writing specfic and realist fiction. It may be because of my relative immaturity as a writer, but I really see the story in terms of the characters and the plot, and possibly the theme.

When I write, I try to get into the head of the main character, and I try to determine his or her reaction to the situation. I like to think that I'm Chestertonian in my outlook (see the chapter "The Ethics of Elfland" in "Orthodoxy") and so every situation has its own "strangeness." And I think that's only right, because otherwise, it ain't worth writing about.

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