Thursday, March 18, 2010

No, I didn't win...

...not even a book signing pass, but I wasn't going to let that spoil my fun. I had reunions with friends I hadn't met in months and even years.
Me with my favorite gang of specfic writers: Charles, Michael, Kyu, Mia, and Joey.

Joey and Mia, one of my favorite specfic writing couples.

With Plurkpal Mark Poa.

With Chiqui Perez, from the SciFi Philippine days.

With Plurkpal Yvette and Michael A.R. Co.

With Ria Lu, fellow Davaoeno and creator of Talecraft.

Paige and Louella.

More Paige and Louella.

Louelle and Christelle Mariano, who won first place in the prose category with her story, "A Kind of Flotsam."

In some ways, last night was the fulfilment of a promise. I told Louella, possibly the biggest Sandman fan that I know, that she would be my plus-one if I ever got into this competition so she could meet Neil Gaiman. Close, but not quite; but still....

Oh, right, and that guy. What's his name again?



  1. you dog you! there are a lot of girl-pics here!

  2. Oo nga, ano?

    Bakit kaya? Hmmmm....


  3. You also got your copy of Sandman signed. :)That's what you and Louella get for sitting down. No book signing privileges. Nikki and I on the other hand... Joke. :) Nice seeing you again, Dom.

  4. Thanks for this, Dom! It was nice seeing you again!