Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Minor mishap

I had a minor car mishap yesterday. All told, I should be thankful, because damage to the car was minimal, almost unnoticeable; if anything, it's more of my pride that was hurt. What happened was: the front right wheel of my car fell into a ditch. Oh, the embarrassment!

Although I take responsibility, I indirectly blame an inconsiderate and moronic taxi driver for precipitating the accident. You know that time when you need to make a left turn and the opposite lane is at a standstill? Well, I was the fellow that wanted to make a left.

As it turns out, there was a decent-sized gap where I could turn into. Oh, joy! But guess what the inconsiderate moron of a taxi driver approaching the end of the unmoving lane does, even though my left turn signal is blinking? That's right: he blocks the gap, just as I'm turning in.

So in my pique, I have to manuever into the gap behind him. Finally he moves off, and I think I can turn into the driveway. However, it's dark, and I don't see that I've miscalculated the gap. Scrunch!

Embarrassing, indeed. And now I'm blocking all the traffic in the lane that I've moved into.

A pickup truck pulls into the shoulder, and two gents step out. They look over my situation, then offer some helpful suggestions: did I have a jack? Maybe a piece of wood to brace the car? Did we need a tow truck? Then we decide maybe we can just put some weight onto the car and push it out.

Amazingly, three or four burly bystanders pop up from out of nowhere. They positioned themselves in the front of the car. The two gents from the pickup hold off traffic so I could have room to manuever. I put the car into reverse, and with the push and the shove from the guys, I manage to get my car out. Success!

And so within the span of a quarter hour, I found myself cursing the inconsiderate idiocy of a taxi driver and thanking the unconditional kindness of strangers.

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