Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"How to Train Your Dragon"...in glorious 3D!

Absolutely unplanned: Emily and I caught "How to Train Your Dragon" at SM City last night. HTTYD had always been on our list of movies to watch but with no set date. The sign announcing that the mall now offered 3D showings starting March 19 clinched the deal for us.

At P250 per ticket, 3D was an expensive treat. But what the hey, you really only live once, right? All told, the experience proved worthwhile. The polarized glasses fit snugly even around my regular specs. The visuals looked straight out of the 3D storybooks I used to enjoy as a kid.

All the time we were ooh-ing and aah-ing. The rumble seats helped round out the experience.

No, we won't be doing this on a regular basis, but it should help mark those special occasions.

Now, I wonder when the corner store dibidi salesmen will also offer 3D glasses.

P.S. HTTYD was a load of fun.


  1. P250 and you complain. here it's P300. P400 if i want to experience the 3D in IMAX. hehehe...

  2. It was so fun in 3D! Some stuff just seem to jump right at you. Too bad the glasses in Greenbelt's 3D cinema don't fit snugly around my glasses :( A minor annoyance but it didn't ruin the movie for me :D

  3. Reminded me of the old 3D storybooks. And, oh no, Clash of the Titans is coming next!