Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Taboan Writers Conference Day 0

If I had known being part of the literary circles was this much fun, I would have become a writer much sooner. Ha ha, small joke there, folks, and those of you who know me can imagine the self-mocking sardonic brow as I say it.

But seriously, this is fun. I joined Taboan last year at UP Diliman, and I'm fortunate to be a Davao delegate again this year. Our delegation is smaller in number, owing to some folks off on further studies. With me are Ric de Ungria, Jhoanna Cruz, Tim Montes, and my professor Mac Tiu.

It's the day before the conference so people are just getting settled in. I already made the rounds, though, and met some new friends. Highlight of the day so far: lunch with Butch Dalisay at a hole-in-the-wall grill restaurant a stone's throw from the hotel.


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