Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Real Stargirl

From my friend, Elbert Or:
I need your help, each and every one of you.

The Reader's digest version is this: my girlfriend Lorra has been the victim of mean-spirited anonymous people who've not only set up a fake blog, but has since then posted mean comments on other people's websites under her name, and have tried hacking into her email accounts as well.

The past few days, we've tried reporting the fake blog to Wordpress in the hopes of having it shut down, but they've so far chosen not to even acknowledge our messages.
And so, in an attempt at positive resistance, we're trying instead to reaffirm Lorra's true presence online and discourage the trollers. We ask each of you to please, please, if you could, to link to Lorra's true websites below:

Through your blogs, Facebook accounts, etc. We hope that this helps move her real sites up in popularity, relegating the fake blog to the bowels of search engine results. At the least, it's a demonstration of our love, respect and support for Lorra.

If you it's not too much to ask, we also hope you could help spread the word about this, and ask your friends to check out Lorra's sites as well. They're interesting in their own right (her deviantArt account, especially, is a nice showcase of her artwork). It would mean a lot.

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