Monday, January 25, 2010

Sikat, a solar-powered vehicle

Sikat, DLSU's second solar-powered vehicle, stopped by Ateneo as part of its nationwide tour. It certainly looked sleek and impressive. Unfortunately, I never got to see it during its rounds of the campus. Or drive it, for that matter (then again, I might not have fit).

Running on batteries, the car is be able to hit a speed of 80kph over a distance of 450km. Under certain conditions, it can even hit 110kph. Counting daylight travel, it can go for as far as 900km per day.

I didn't write down the other specs for the vehicle, but you can view the details of SINAG, DLSU's other solar-powered car, at its own web site.


  1. so this was the fuzz in the covered court...we never get informed,.:(

  2. You could've walked over, you know ;-)

  3. we were doing something by the time we saw the commotion over the cc