Monday, December 07, 2009

Why you need to say NO to Martial Law now

Let's face it, I'm no MLQ3 or Gang Badoy: my blog posts don't resonate with the rest of the blogosphere. I don't have the power to mobilize.

But just this once -- just this once -- I'm asking you all to say NO TO MARTIAL LAW now, and express so vociferously in your blogs and tweets and Facebook posts.

Why? This administration thrives on trial balloons. If it sees that there is little opposition to its actions in the public opinion, it will continue to do as it pleases. It lives on and clings to every cynical sneer that asks: "What can you do? Why don't we just move on?"

Never mind logic or legal reasoning. Such things don't exist or don't matter to this administration. Don't bother with any analysis. None of it will convince them.

But we have seen in the past that if we shout loud enough, we can make a little bit of difference. It's because we made such a hue and cry about the Ampatuan Massacre that the administration is cracking down on an ally.

While we're finally seeing action against the Ampatuans, it is unfortunately of the wrong kind...of the worst kind.

We need to speak out against it now, while we still can.


  1. I don't know Sir Dom. A former classmate had shared to me about his trips to some parts of Cotabato and how the local politicians lord it over their police minions. Tuta lang daw ang pulis didto. I guess such a situation sprung this massacre in the first place and that's why local politicos shouldn't be trusted with authority and power while a massive investigation is under way.

    Martial law is still overkill though but if it leads to a breakdown in political fiefdoms and a renewed sense of democracy in the region, I think we should consider it, albeit cautiously.

    Anyway, I guess the only complicating factor in this picture is that GMA is in it. If it were Mother Teresa - bless her soul - proclaiming martial law, nobody would be contesting it now.

    This opinion is coming from someone born on 1987 so feel free to advise me on some points.

  2. If it got to that point, it's because this present administration allowed it to grow to those proportions.

    Once you see Martial Law as an acceptable option outside of its constitutional parameters, you've opened yourself up to all sorts of abuses. This is what happened during Marcos' time.

    Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.