Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Where Words Most Fail"

Prayer/poem written by Don Pagusara, and posted at the ground floor lobby of Ateneo de Davao

Today...on this hour of timeless witnessing, we mourn.
We mourn, silent in our grief.
We mourn, even as we rage.
We mourn and rage against
the Maguindanao Massacre--
a deed no utterance can match
the virulence of its vileness...
where words most fail in imagining
its consummate inhumanity.
Our hearts blaze in unspeakable outrage
along with all decent and freedom-loving people
in the entire reaches of this troubled land.
Our tongues cry out to the realms of sky
with the vehemence of our demand for justice.

We mourn, and in the boundless depths
of our anguish, WE PRAY AND SEEK
for divine intervention that
Justice for all the victims
of this mad mad madness
may hold manifest in our land.


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