Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pebbles in the Flood

Having rediscovered Battle of Wesnoth of late, I'm playing more than I really should be. I promise to stop at the end of the holiday season. Really.One scenario has captured my imagination and emotions, though: "Pebbles in the Flood", part of "The Southern Guard" campaign.

In this scenario, Sir Gerrick -- who, by the way, is not the primary hero of the campaign -- volunteers for a last stand to hold back hordes of undead. This so he can buy time for the hero, Sir Deoran, to raise an army and gather the Council of Mages.

As the intro says, there's no way to lose -- and no way to win. The objective is to keep Sir Gerrick alive as long as possible. That means he really dies in the end. The title of the scenario really is fitting.

Call me a sucker for underdog stories, but this scenario really got to me. Minimum turns is 6, easy enough to achieve; best number of turns is 24, harder to get, but providing the best possible start for the final showdown with the undead.

In the picture above, we have heroic Sir Gerrick surrounded by skeletons, zombies, and wraiths. Clutching his shield and glaive, he's down to his last breath; the next blow will really spell the end. But he's held off the undead, and because of him, Wesnoth lives.

Sniff. I'm such a sap.

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  1. Ah Wesnoth, open-source strategy game. :)

    Good luck with the addiction! Wesnoth was worth a few months worth of memories.