Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Vote Nograles...or else!

Ah, election time. While you can't quite point to it as the source of all that's twisted and rotten about the country, you can bet it acts as the catalyst and focal point to bring out all the chicanery.

Today the sales assistant of a friend went on leave. She's studying part-time and she said she was going on a seminar. She does this from time to time, so that in itself comes as no surprise. When she came back late this afternoon, I asked her how the activity went:

"Oh, it was a Nograles thing." Like hundreds (or is it thousands?) of others in the city, she's a Nograles scholar.

"I hope they're not asking you to help them cheat," I teased.

"No, but they did tell us we should vote for (Karlo) Nograles."

"Really, now? And if you don't?"

"They said that if he doesn't win, we'd lose our scholarships."

"Is that so?"

"Well, they said there was always the other camp (Duterte), but we're not guaranteed to get a scholarship there."

"I see. And will you vote for Nograles?"

She just smiled.

Ah, Nograles! so loving and kind and giving, whose generosity knows no bounds.

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