Monday, October 26, 2009

Vote for Best Halloween Flash Fiction

My friend and editor Kyu is a finalist for Fantasy Magazine's Best 2009 Halloween Flash Fiction story. Since the winner will be decided via reader poll, please take the time to head over to the site and vote. In his words:

But please, vote for "Lost for Words" only if you think it's good enough, otherwise, vote for the better story among the other finalists (I may regret saying that...).

I might add: I did like his story best, so that's why I voted for him. (That, and the other two finalists won't buy me pizza if they win. So there.)


  1. My vote put lost for words ahead.The one that is closes to him (as I write this) is the "Empire Builder" least favorite of the 3.

  2. should have written "Lost for Words" in the previous comment.

  3. Thanks for the plug, Dom. Sorry for commenting only now. I saw your post just this evening.

    Thanks for the vote, Robert!