Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Villanelle for a Bumpy Ride

This poem, written by Jermafe Kae Angelo of UP Mindanao, came out in the October 4, 2009 issue of Dagmay. It received quite a number of positive comments. I'm reposting a section here; you can read the rest of it in Dagmay.

All my mothers will hum your lullaby
Hold tight as we ride the habal-habal.
And they will all forgive when you first cry.
Quietness falling, not failing the skies
Hold tight as we bump along the rough road.
All my mothers will hum your lullaby.
I will not pass the Abortion Road and die,
Daddy will drive us home before midnight
And they will all forgive when you first cry.

1 comment:

  1. well i am not a filipino but i am happily married to a very buang filipina that makes me very happy to be even connected to your wonderful culture. Anyways i wrote this story in my head since i was 13 years old but never put it on paper until about a year ago, in that time i have changed many things, and after spending so much time with my Asawa's Family i changed a lot more of this story. my main characters are Filipino and would like to have any opinions good bad or indifferent. the link to the first three chapters is here http://thelittleflowerchronicles.blogspot.com/