Friday, October 30, 2009

My first two books...

...or, to be more precise, the first two books that I edited and produced: "Tradisyon" and "In My Own Little Corner" by Jeanne Lim.

It may anticlimactic now since I posted news of this last month, but -- darn it! -- it feels great to have them rolling out of the press in volume. I sent a hundred copies each to Manila last Saturday, and took out another fifty copies each for Davao yesterday. The bulk of the run will go to NCCA in Manila for distribution to selected schools sometime next week; that leaves us with a hundred for the Davao Writers Guild.

Along this journey, I gained many stories, some of which I'll tell when I have the leisure to compose them at length. I think I'll call it "Adventures in Publishing." Or something like that. But what I'm most thankful for in this project are the opportunities to make new friends and reconnect with old ones.

Among the new: the author, Jeanne Lim (pictured above), a truly funny lady; and Rumana Husain, all the way from Karachi, who graciously provided us with the picture that became the cover for "Tradisyon"; and among the old, family friends: Chin Bon Lu, Jeanne's good friend, who still remembers me as a young boy; and Ben and Ellen Ausin, the printers for this project, brother and sister-in-law of an Hijas de Jesus sister.


  1. Just read this post. Congrats! Maybe you could also publish and edit my book someday. ;)