Sunday, September 20, 2009

What Gilbert Teodoro stands for

Today's editorial at the Philippine Daily Inquirer looks at Gilbert Teodoro as candidate. For all its analysis on how the Teodoro candidacy came to be, what struck me most was the summary of what Teodoro stood for:

He has been forthright and firm in his stand favoring the Reproductive Health bill; he has categorically stated he wants Charter change with a unicameral legislature but a nationally elected president, the elimination of the anti-dynasty provision in the Charter, as well as a limited coverage for the courts when it comes to business matters; he prefers a military solution to rebellion and banditry in Mindanao, and close ties with America in that regard; and he has announced that the prosecution of officials for corruption will not be his priority, because it is the Ombudsman’s job.

I will still have sift through past interviews to see if these positions are true (from memory, I can verify his position on charter change), but from the looks of it, would I really vote for this man? Not bloody likely.

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