Thursday, September 03, 2009

Postcard project

I've been meaning to do this for a while, but Blogger's 10th anniversary feels like the opportune time to actually do it. Fact is: I'm mighty grateful to the people who follow this blog. I'd say that fifty is a decent number.

To show my appreciation, I'm going to send a real tangible old-fashioned snail-mailed postcard to all the people who follow this blog (and my other Blogger blogs, Ubuntu Living, Space Toy Shopper, Simple Blog Skins, and Literatures of the World.)

So I'll know where to send the card to, please fill in your name and address (and a couple of other non-privacy-invasive details) at the special form below. Remember: you have to be following my blog; a link from your blog to mine would be nice, but is optional.

Drop me a note!


  1. I've already sent my snail mail address. Congrats on having 50 followers (I'm a bit jealous, actually).

  2. wow 50 followers. that's a big lot. congrats!

  3. Many thanks to those who've written in already. I'll mail out the postcards within a few days.