Friday, September 04, 2009

Poetry presentation

Presentation for my Literatures of the World class. Yup, we're entering the Poetry phase now.

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  1. Might as well include Prof. Gonzalez's "Ode to a Corrupt Politician":

    Hell to thee, sly spirit!
    Queer bird thou ever wert,
    Away from Heaven, not near it,
    Pourest thy fool’s heart
    The confused strains of thy misguided art.

    Lower still and lower
    To Hades thou sinkest,
    Dragged by evil power
    Thy soul it bringeth
    To the deepest, sinking to its deepest.

    In the dimming light
    Of the setting sun,
    Amidst our country’s plight
    Thou still hast thy fun,
    And all thy work is always left undone.

    More of it here: