Sunday, September 06, 2009

MacArthur he ain't

Found on Jay Fajardo's Facebook.

Comment from another friend: "This was like long ago... he's now retired. This caused a ruckus during Erap's time back in 2002. Btw, a couple of years ago, people were praising his guts as he joined the popular clamor for GMA to resign, along with his retired general buddies."


  1. Kinsa gani to ni siya, Doms? I remember this pic but I forgot who the officer is.

  2. Kalimot na pud ko. When I first saw this, I thought the picture was current, but then remembered that I had somehow seen it before. Still, it's an interesting snapshot of how things are in the pecking order of the Philippine society.

  3. Golly how could I forget this pic? I saw this one on the news when it first came out and all I could remember was the feeling of utter shame. I think the Pinoy officer did not notice, pero the American beside him (who refused a ride, thank you very much!) was shaking his head (IMHO, in disgust).