Thursday, August 06, 2009

A bumper sticker

I posted this before, but out of respect for the day of Cory's funeral, I took it down. I wondered whether I should put it up again, and I did. I meant what I wrote when I wrote it, and I am quite certain that many other would agree, double entendre or otherwise.

Cory raised the dignity of the presidency with her virtue, while GMA....

Let me put it this way: what sort of dignity is it of when flunkies insist that it is her right and obligation as chief executive (and only because she is chief executive) to visit the wake of a former president as a matter of protocol; and that notwithstanding she has to slink into church at 4 AM and abscond seven minutes later for fear of being hissed and booed by the crowd?

My, my, what demands protocol makes of high government officials.

GMA's flunkies may spin it any way they want, but in the end, nothing can change the fact that she slunk into church at 4 AM and absconded seven minutes later for fear of being hissed and booed by the crowd.


  1. Wow. Really tasteless of you.

  2. All the news reports say she left early because her presence was delaying the long queue of people lined up to view Cory's remains. I haven't heard anyone suggest she left out of fear of heckling.

  3. I was wondering why you took it down.