Tuesday, July 28, 2009

SONA Rally 2009

Straight from the airport, I headed to Roxas Boulevard to join the SONA Rally 2009. I arrived a tad late, a little past four, just as the activities were winding down before dispersal at five. Still, I managed to catch some of the fun. And I got a shirt, to boot.

Posting this pic here because I promised the ladies above that I would. Hi, girls!

The (in)famous Medusa / President Evil pic should go down in history as an iconic image of GMA. Heh. That and the Grimace-colored french fry gown. (Thank you, Inno Sotto.)

Building blocks of corruption.

Stop Cha-cha. I like this design and the simple iconography. It's also the same motif on the shirt. Pictures to follow later.

The rallyists, friendly as they were, kept mistaking me for a Japanese or Korean tourist. They would go up to me and ask: "Where are you from, my friend?"

"Ga-tudlo ko sa Ateneo."

Then some laughs ensue.

Heh. Political activism should be fun.

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