Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Received from cellphone number +63-918-408-0208:
Ito na new roaming # ko. My pdla akong pakage jan, my cp k don. My mga gmit din my knya knya na pngalan un lodan nyo muna to ng 115 Wla na to l0d.
Yeah, right.


  1. hehehe i wonder how our mobile phone service providers can provide some sort of privacy from similar messages. it's a big wonder for me why my office mobile number receives similar messages regularly (and so do my office colleagues in their office mobile numbers). maybe it's the service provider in cahoots with these pesky message senders.

  2. Dom, you should see what they sent me:

    from: 0926-8659409
    "Gud News, im ARIEL D. OCAMPO, Special Project to Down Local Financers of Swrtres {PCSO} Lotto Draw. If u R Interested to get a Swrtres sure # Call Me Now!"

    Its really irritating to be disturbed by such nonsense.