Saturday, July 18, 2009

Excuse letter

The other day I found this note in my pigeon hole at school.

Not the first time something of this sort has happened, either. Last summer, I saw a middle-aged couple wandering around my floor. I asked if I could help them.

"We're the parents of G---."

"Ah, yes, he's a student in my class. Is something the matteer?"

"Sir, we came to tell you that he's sick and can't make it to school."

All this gets my head shaking. These are college students we're talking about, upwards of 18 years. They should be old and mature enough to manage their own affairs, absences included.

Personally, I'm not much of a stickler for attendance. The daily quizzes will take their toll soon enough. It's a student's loss if he doesn't attend class.

I wish everyone would stop living college like it was still high school. Or grade school.


  1. Dear Dom,
    Please excuse Bob's not commenting on this post earlier.
    His dog ate his mouse and he could click on the comment section.
    Thank you for your understanding.

    1. And he ate his dog after knowing what happened..

  2. I guess its also a matter of school policy. In Silliman where I attended college, they required college students to show a signed letter from a parent or guardian if ever the student missed class--a choice between going to the doc or having your mom write a note for you. Kind of awkward when it came to students who are married 30-somethings...

  3. I know this is very prescriptivist, but the grammar on that letter is terrible. "he have studied?" "some medications?" doesn't "medication" apply to the whole medicine-regiment (pardon the compounding)? "He could be able to..?" It's sad to know that this is a parent writing.

    Related anecdote for your enjoyment: a classmate of mine once dropped a subject she found too difficult. Her mother approached our teacher, begging him to take the classmate back. Much as the teacher tried to explain that he didn't drop the student, that wall created by senility seemed to block away reason, and the lady concluded with a "please consider, sir." Then, like some plot twist, mommy adds sir on Facebook, creeping him out. The end.

  4. I remember one year My mom was sick and couldn't go to work. (She worked in the food business and having a cold she couldn't legally go to work.)

    She didn't go to the doctor; it was a cold, but having been away for three days she needed a back to work note.

    I wrote her a note. (I was sixteen) She laughed but put it in her purse. When she got to work, the nurse asked her for the note. She explained that it was a cold and she didn't have a doctor's note, because she hadn't gone to the doctor. The nurse let it go but everyone else was razzing her, so, on her break, she went and got the note from her purse and gave it to her supervisor and coworkers- They exploded with laughter, and stopped razzing her.


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