Thursday, July 16, 2009


Yesterday I was fiddling around with stuff in the lab when, from out of the blue, Anthea, one of my students from last summer tapped on the window and asked me to step out for a moment.

"What's this about?" I asked. Outside were a few of her classmates -- Lloyd, Jeff, Clydean, and Darlene. Consultation, maybe?

"Sir, we'd like to present you with this certificate..."

Anthea read through the entire text of the certificate while I stood there smiling somewhat uncomfortably. I'm never comfortable with awards, you see. Another classmate swung by and took some photos.

As it turns out, the award from a project for their Theology class -- call it a token of appreciation. They had to decide on a teacher to give it to. In the scheme of the world, a very small thing -- trivial, even childish, a made-up award (then again, aren't all awards just made-up things, after all?)...

...but darned, it certainly ranks as one of the most heartfelt awards I ever had the pleasure of being presented with. Most awards tell you how you measure up to someone's standards; this award told me how my efforts to meet my standards were appreciated by someone.

Thanks, guys. You made my day.


  1. Dom, congrats. you deserve it.


  2. Congrats Sir Dom, btaw sir u deserve it... Thanks kaayo sir daghan kaayo mi na learn sa imo :) -IT4-