Sunday, July 05, 2009

Avocado harvest

Avocado harvest from our backyard. No, I ain't kidding. Yes, you can have some, but only if you're my friend. ;-)


  1. looks so different from the usual avocado i see. more green, elongated and shiny. more of a giant kamias to me. could it be a different variety of avocado?

  2. ganahan ko ani. dabukon (but not too fine) then butangan milk and sugar ug ice kay di na kahulat pabugnawon. capital YUM.

  3. wow! you have an amazing backyard sir. i just remembered the avocado trees we have at alabel too. Well, i read some of your blogs! It's quite inspiring and helpful. I'm Kristine by the way, a BS-IM student from Ateneo (under CS division). I don't know if we'll have the chance to have you as our teacher next sem. but I hope so. :)