Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Smooth Operator

Gotta hand it to this guy for his persistence and cheek. I wonder what CRM he uses.

Good morning!!!

It's been a long time (Sept. 12, 2008) since I read your letter publish in Phil. Daily Inquirer about only Filipinos can save themselves.. I have send you some emails regarding your opinions..

Well, I agree with you on that matter.. Nobody can save us and our Family but OURSELVES... Filipinos are hardworking people but we failed to plan for the future.. We rely to much on the goverment to help us. Sometime we blame the goverment for what the situation we are having.. In my 6 years in financial services, I tried my best to reach out for more people. Sharing with them the value of planning ahead such as our children college studies, retirement plan and savings.. With this, they will never suffer the sad fate of those who did plan..

Sir, I wish to take this opportunity to meet you and also to discuss with you our Financial Services in Manulife.. I'm sure thqat this will also benefit you and your Family.. Would it be possible to meet you next week??

Looking forward of meeting you and somehow be a blessing to your family..

Thank you very much & GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS..

Sorry, bud, we're too far away, and I don't think I fit in your desirable clients profile.


  1. Well, Kuya Dom, at least you could give the poor guy some advice on what CRM software to use the next time he complains to his boss that his leads are going nowhere. Hehe.

  2. Consider me now constantly amazed at what people will do to fill a quota.

  3. He's in Calamba, so thank goodness I have an excuse.