Friday, June 12, 2009

Six-word stories for 6/12

Paolo Chikiamco posed a challenge for June 12, our Independence Day: write six-word stories, the same form that Wired previously featured. Egged on by Erika, I decided to churn out a few.

The exercise has proven worthwhile: for one thing, I haven't written really written any fiction the past few months, so it's a good warm-up; and for another, it reveals a bit of my subconscious thinking.

My very first entry betrays my secret hope come July:

A(H1N1) epidemic in Congress. Con-Ass cancelled.

Of course, it will take some truly dedicated soul to turn this fiction to reality.

It seems I really have a taste for alternate realities and what-if situations. Presenting in historical chronological order:

Rojo repulses British, consolidates Spanish defenses.

Maxim gana contrata. Pistolas a Mindanao.

Pasaron victorioso! Dewey derrotado! Viva EspaƱa!

Hero's welcome for Rizal, Cuba veteran.

Lawyer convicted, executed for Nalundasan murder.

Ninoy: "Missed me by that MUCH!"

Envelope holds nothing, Erap impeachment dropped.

Now, I wonder if people would actually recognize some of the more obscure references I made above? Does Philippine history really have that many pivotal moments that would alter its course without actually altering its core essential nature? For example, if Philip II hadn't ordered Legazpi to set out, wouldn't it radically alter the Philippines that we know so as to be now totally unrecognizable?

More on what-if's, here's a riff on El Filibusterismo:

Bomb devastates wedding party. Jeweller suspected.

Some really terrifying scenarious, bordering on the horror genre, and involving GMA:

MalacaƱang murders uncovered: human sacrifice suspected.

GMA dying; Satan fears for throne.

Cloning perfected. GMA now and forever!

Now for some more mean humor:

Nograles comatose. Paulate hired to double.

Off-Broadway -- "Gloria and Kris: Daddy Issues"

And probably my favorite:

FGMA farts as FVR lights. Boom!


  1. I've completely forgotten Simoun was a jeweller. ^^v Loving your 6-worders!

  2. my favorite story of six words or less...

    "And then she woke up."

  3. My favorite is attributed to Hemingway:

    "For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

    Now that's just heartbreaking.