Monday, June 08, 2009

Minor fire in Damosa

Just as we were settling in for a quiet evening, we received distressing news about a fire in Damosa. We decided to head there because the fire was said to have come from Dimsum Diner, next door to my sister's pet shop. Foremost on our minds was Terence, our beagle, who sleeps at the shop.

Thankfully, Mom and I proceeded calmly. We made the requisite phone calls and contingency arrangements, then drove over to Damosa. Midway, we saw three fire trucks heading in the opposite direction, lights flashing, but no sirens. That was a good sign. We breathed easier.

As it turned out, the fire came from the other neighbor, Dencio's. By the time we got there, it was is nothing had happened, save for the lack of lights in the corner where Dencio's, Dimsum Diner, and our shop were. In front of Dencio's the ground was soaked with water.

My sister's pet store didn't quite escape unscathed, though. The firemen ran a hose across the ceiling, and someone's foot broke through the flimsy hardiflex ceiling. Some water also came through, but all told, there was minimal damage. Nothing that can't be wiped away.

Reconstructing from the accounts: around 8PM, Dencio's cooking exhausts began billowing smoke. A little while later, the ducts burst into flame. Fortunately, by that time, the firemen were already there. As a precaution, they flooded the inner ceiling to keep the fire from spreading. The fire must have been contained very quickly, a very good thing. However, I'm sure there will be some very unhappy stall owners come tomorrow morning (I'm thinking particularly of the graphics design shop behind my sister's store.)

As I understand it, Dencio's shop in SM City Davao has already had two similar fires, so this is not a first. I think it happens because their exhausts pile up with soot from their barbecue. Without the proper ventilation, the combustible material builds up, and bamf!

I'd hate to be in the owner's shoes over this next week.

Most comforting news of the night: Terence is alright.

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  1. Good thing nothing serious happened.

    BFP should take a look at Dencios' process and recommend more measures to prevent this incident in the future.