Monday, June 01, 2009


As a comic, "Archie" is quite a lot like Barry Manilow or Air Supply. It has plenty of devoted fans, it's forever (but never) going out of style, and it always manages to reinvent itself. Despite its perennial and dependable nature, it doesn't quite achieve raging superstardom like the newer acts. "Archie" is barely worth a mention in the news. Until now, that is.

After more than 50 years in a love triangle, Archie is finally popping the question.

Despite the title, I still have my doubts about the ultimate outcome of this story. It's a 6-parter, and I expect quite a few twists to come along the way. Questions that come to mind: will the friendship with Jughead be strained? will Mr. Lodge have an aneurysm? what happens to Betty?

I've always been rooting for Betty, though if put in the same spot, I'm not sure I wouldn't go for Veronica either. Decisions, decisions.

In other news, it seems the folks behind Archie are stoking the fires further by offering some comics for free on iTunes.

Heh. Archie Year One.


  1. This completely ruins the canon of To Riverdale and Back Again, the movie set 15 years later.