Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rocket Gun Review

These rocket pistols have been selling in the toy shops for some time now. They go by the generic name of "Cyclone Shooter" but come in different varieties. I picked these three pieces up in a span of a few weeks, being the best looking of the bunch. There are three other variants -- one which shot discs, another which shot winged rockets, and another which shot rotor blades -- but I didn't get them anymore.

The K11 has arguably the slickest and meanest design, reminiscent of the pistol used by Harrison Ford in "Blade Runner." The lower chamber holds three rockets but other than that is more ornamental than functional. Its range is middling, though, but what the hey, it looks cool.

No name given for this rocket gun, but I like to call it the Gatling owing to its design. The barrels rotate, but you have to twist them manually, which is a bit of downer. On the other hand, this rocket gun has got the best range of the three.

This last piece is a lemon in so many ways. The label on its side -- "Gun" -- feels redundant and retarded. Of course it's a gun, did you expect anything else? The barrel twists in various positions, presumably to shoot around corners, but has the unintended effect of feeling limp. Worst of all, some of the included rockets can't even shoot out the barrel. Its only saving grace is that it looks like the phaser from Star Trek: The Original Series.

The rocket guns sell for P79.95 at all popular toy shops.

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