Saturday, May 02, 2009

Medical Mission

As part of its civic service, the Davao Chapter of the Drugstore Association of the Philippines (of which I am a member) holds a medical mission annually. This year, our partner organization was the Family Circus Children's Ministries, an outreach program of the Assemblies of God. The ministry is based in Davao, and is served by young volunteers from the Philippines, Australia, and the United States.

The ministry deserves its name because its main activity area is under a circus-type big top. It's in the Muslim Friendship Village in Bucana, Davao City.

Thankfully, we had the help of several generous sponsors. Case in point: Bonakid, who graciously provided a milk stand.

While the medical mission was going on, Family Circus also had a lively program for the kids. Lots of loud singing and clapping, and very biblical, too.

It was quite hot under the big top, but no one was complaining.

The bottleneck in the mission was the registration of patients. As is usual for events like this, families come in literally by the truckloads. It was a challenge recording their names and ages. After that, we had to get their height and weight as well.

While I was only supposed to document and photograph the event, I ended up in the thick of things. First it was the registration; then, I put myself in charge of the weighing scale.

Quite a shock, really, to come across some kids who were 2, 3, even 4 years old, and weighing less than 15kg. And mothers who were only 17 years old on paper, but who looked 30 around the eyes.

We had a team of doctors and dentists processing the patients.

And, um, some eye candy, too.

This was the crowd at around 10AM. It should give you an idea of how it was.

Finally, some smiling faces from the lines.


  1. Looks like everyone had fun amidst the "big top" heat :)

  2. Hello Kuya Dom,

    My father is interested in buying a franchise from The Generics Pharmacy. Do you know anyone who has the same idea? Thanks!

  3. Hi Dom,

    Long time again. Hope you're doing fine. I'm just sharing the link below containing a journal post of sci-fi writer John C. Wright -- former atheist who became Catholic last year -- on Dan Brown's book Angels & Demons.