Friday, April 10, 2009

Way of the Cross 2009

Something new for this year's community Way of the Cross: a living tableau composed of young parishioners. We still went around Bo. Obrero, like we do every year; but now we had a flatbed cargo truck with us to ferry the troupe and their props. The tableau is a welcome addition, though next year, they should get someone who's less of a ham to play Jesus Christ.

We started at 4:00AM, and that's why this picture is still dark. This is the seventh station already.

As always, the Via Crucis is attended by young and old alike.

The main cross was still carried the traditional way.

Crucifixion scene -- sans the nails -- sometime around 5:30AM.


  1. I miss Holy Week In Philippines. It just isn't the same here in the U.S..

  2. You're always welcome to come back ;-)