Thursday, April 30, 2009

Transport Strike in Davao

I honestly believe that the days of transport strikes that cripple the city are long past. Somehow our leftist groups still persist with this idea of mass action. And though there were noticeably fewer jeepneys plying their routes yesterday, and though classes were cancelled, life went pretty much the way it does.


  1. strike or no strike, a jeepney driver is never going to make much money. It's a dead-end road.

  2. It's the logic of "clinginess", I fear: If you feel that something that you did was effective in the past, you tend to hold on to such action in the belief that it will continue to be just as effective in the future.

    Sadly, that logic tends to be flawed, especially when it goes up against human adaptability and/or flexibility. Then again, I find that maintaining an extremely leftist (or rightist) point of view in the face of change is itself a "clingy" outlook. Mass action will probably never be as effective as it was once upon a time, but that doesn't mean that its advocates will stop trying it.

  3. Hi, Bob: it's part of the Heritage of Smallness that Nick Joaquin wrote about. I'll post about it sometime in the future.

    Hi, Sean: Heh, cargo cult comes to mind.

  4. The group at LTO were a little livelier.