Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunday Inquirer Feature: "A Time for Dragons"

Apparently a feature on "A Time for Dragons" came out in yesterday's Sunday Inquirer. I'm surprised why none of my usual sources has highlighted this yet (or I just missed reading it). So anyway, here it is:

With their outstretched wings scarring the fictional sky and their scales mimicking shades of blood and ice among other elements, dragons are an integral part of western folklore. But what do dragons have to do with Filipinos, a people of the east and endless shores?

Plenty, according to Vincent Michael Simbulan. “We are exposed to the concept of dragons through almost all forms of media—from television and movies to books and video games,” he explains. “Even the Chinese zodiac, which is popular thanks to the local Chinese community, has the dragon as the only mythical creature in the roster of animals.”
That explains why the 37-year-old Simbulan is the editor of “A Time for Dragons: An Anthology of Philippine Draconic Fiction” from Anvil Publishing, a book that gathers stories about dragons from Filipino authors. “The anthology is Filipino because the stories are written exclusively by Filipinos. Many of the stories are filled with references that are Filipino and I would argue that the sensibilities of the authors inevitably mark their stories as Filipino.”

In case you're wondering, I have some vested interest in the book: my story is in it.

Read the rest of the story at And check out Vin's blog, too.

Also, a feature on Elbert Or.

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