Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kaputian Ferry

This is the port for the ferry services between Kaputian and Sta. Ana Wharf. Took these pictures on the request of Jenny.

There are four ferries plying the route: the Palbros, the Palbros 2, the Grace, and the Shirley. (Don't look at me, I'm just reporting.) Passengers are holiday-makers enjoying the beaches of Kaputian, and Kaputian businessmen purchasing stocks in Davao City. Cargo consists of various foodstuffs and supplies sold at the local sari-sari stores.

The port is really very basic: just a cement dock jutting out over the beach, probably measured out to match the high-tide height. Facilities? Less than basic. It has the dirtiest non-functioning toilet I have seen anywhere. Such a shame!

The ferry trips are far between. There's a 7:00am trip to Sta. Ana, followed by another one at 8:00am. The next one isn't until 4:00pm. The trips can also be irregular. Yesterday, because we had filled the boat up early, we left at 3:00pm (not that I'm complaining.) I do believe they had another trip ready, though, to make up for the additional traffic.

All the lifting is done via stevedores. People take away the cargo on carts, motorcycles, tricycles, and trisikad.

I made the acquaintance of this family while waiting for the boat. They were waiting for their cargo from the ferry. I do believe they run a small sari-sari store inland.