Monday, April 20, 2009

Bali-Bali, Samal

Ateneo de Davao's Computer Studies Division had an outing yesterday. As part-time faculty, I was invited to attend. I'm normally too shy for group activities, but since it was in Samal, I readily said yes.

As I did last Black Saturday, I took the ferry to Babak and biked the rest of the way to Bali-Bali resort. It was a much shorter distance than last week's trip, though. And I actually beat the group to the resort by five minutes! I am so buff.

Since there was a lot of down time, I biked a bit further to PeƱaplata, and was sorely tempted to proceed to the eastern coast of Samal. However, it was too late in the morning, and I didn't want to be missed, so I turned back.

Pretty pictures aside, we were not too happy with the treatment from Bali-Bali. When some in our group wanted to use their infinity pool, the staff told them off. I can understand that they didn't want us crowding the facilities, but perhaps they could have said it better.

Which leads us to

Question: "In Bali-Bali, what does infinity equal to?"

Answer: "Ten."