Friday, April 17, 2009

Driver's Rally

Just trying out the Blogger posting capabilities of my Nokia N79. Looks like Shozu does the trick!


  1. When I enlarged the photo, I could make out the "OUST GMA" sign but I really couldn't read the rest. Just out of curiosity, what are they protesting?

  2. We are Filipinos. We protest anything so long as we think the other party is listening. (Note how we never protest against Somali pirates, or the Abu Sayyaff.)

    But seriously, this one is protesting high traffic violation fees. The "Oust GMA" sign popped up out of habit.

  3. traffic violation fees !?!?
    I didn't think there were any traffic laws in Philippines.

  4. :-D

    There are, but as with many things, arbitrarily applied. All the same, I can't feel any sympathy for either party.