Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Tin Toy Heaven

There's plenty of things to write about my recently concluded Hong Kong and Macau trip. I estimate about three article's worth. In the meantime, though, this picture will have to suffice.

I took this on a visit to the Tai Yuen section of Hong Kong. Tai Yuen is the toy equivalent of the Ladies Market in Mongkok. And -- I was dumbstruck-salivating -- I found this one shop selling tin toys. Pricey, though, so I had to content myself with a few cheap trinkets of rockets and a robot.


  1. Hiya Dom, welcome back from toyland :)
    I've given you a virtual book last valentines: http://knowread-knowrite.blogspot.com/2009/02/valentine-gift-books-for-avel-and-other.html

  2. Hello Dominique,

    I love these!!!! Can I borrow this photo and put it in my blog??? Gee thanks.


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