Friday, March 27, 2009

A Time for Dragons

Sunday, March 29, 2009, is the book launch for "A Time for Dragons", an Anvil book edited by Vin Simbulan.

I'm really happy that this book is coming out, and it's not just because I have a story there. It's been a long time coming -- about four years by my count -- but as they say, good things come to those who wait. Kudos to Vin for keeping the flame alive!

That beside, Andrew Drilon's artwork is just gorgeous!

Details of the book launch:

March 29, 2009 (Sunday) 3:00 pm: Shangri-la Mall Grand Atrium

Join the book launch of A Time for Dragons, edited by Vincent Simbulan. This book is a collection of new dragon stories by Filipino authors to present the dragon in new and inventive ways, and renew and refresh the dragon for a more sophisticated and mature audience. Don’t miss the parade of dragons at the launch in Shangri-la Mall.


  1. will it be released here in Davao? :)

  2. congratulations! :P

  3. where can one buy this book?

  4. (whispers) *Uh, Dom, it's the 29th. It says so in the press release.* ;-)

    And your word verification is a riot: quefabio

    Que baridad Fabio!

  5. D'oh! Fixed the date. My bad.

    Ryan, it's distributed by Anvil so it might be available in NBS.

    Roy, probably not through the usual stores.

  6. Oh well, I'll be visiting in July, hopefully there will still be copies by then.

  7. Hi Roy,
    grab a copy for me when you're there in July.

  8. There's an idea, Dominique — has anything interesting in the way of local publication come out in Dumaguete lately? Maybe an exchange would be nice.

  9. Hi Dom!

    We missed you at the launch. Your copies are with Kennethy Yu.

    I hope to see you again when you visit Manila. :}