Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tambayan, Singapore Style

This tambayan in Singapore made me smile. Being a very busy city, only senior citizens only have time to loaf around, and that's what this area in Chinatown is for. Several old men were deeply engrossed in games of Chinese chess and checkers going on, with dozens more kibitzers hanging around, or just chatting with each other.

Nearby was a huge Buddhist temple, supposedly with a relic from Buddha.

No, that is not the Buddha. That's just me.


  1. I heard that this temple is supposed to be constructed at the cost of 120Million Singapore dollars.

  2. Wow. Still, looks like money well spent. Really impressive structure.

  3. "You lost weight" would have been a more welcome compliment, but seeing as that's not true, yeah, I did cut my hair.

  4. That guy in the blue cap and white shirt in the first photo sure has a big tummy! I have more incentive now to watch my weight. I don't want that to be my future. :) Sorry, silly comment, with nothing to do about Singapore.

    Will you be in Manila for the launch of A Time For Dragons? I saw that you have a story there.

  5. to pgenrestories,
    Don't feel bad about commenting on the man's waist. It's difficult not commenting on it.

  6. Shhh! I think he's stealing a basketball...

    Not sure if I can be in Manila then, Ken, but I'll try.