Sunday, March 08, 2009

Random Shots from around Hong Kong

It's a quiet Sunday and I'm taking time to post the best from the hundreds of pictures I took during my Hong Kong holiday. And here they are:

The best view of the Hong Kong skyline is arguably from the HK Cultural Center in Kowloon. This shot was taken by my college pal Diane, who graciously took me around the sights and shopping areas.

Outdoor display effigies in the Hong Kong Cultural Center.

Giant sculpture outside the Hong Kong Cultural Center. Its title is "Please do not climb the sculpture." It says so on the silver plaque attached to the base. Really.

The Central Pier in Hong Kong, where the Kowloon-Hong Kong ferry docks. The pier had recently been transferred from its original site. In the area are also the boats going to Lantau Island.

Feeling like Batman? Try assaulting the top of this tower, seizing a Triad warlord, and waiting for airborne pickup. This is the IFC Tower, the location for the action-packed Hong Kong scene in "The Dark Knight."


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  2. There's never a dull moment in HK! By chance did you go to Macau too?