Sunday, March 08, 2009

Nur Misuari goes on holiday

Plurk transcript:

Dom: Nur Misuari and MNLF at SM Davao (daw)

Ryan: Earlier this morning, there were a gazillion of MNLF troops in the Davao Soccer Field. :-)

Darliza: What were they doing?

Dom: Shopping, I suppose.

Darliza: Hahaha. But of course

Christian: What else would they do in SM?

Ryan: Ride on the 'fun' train?

Heh heh. Plurk is fun. Join in now!


  1. here's a link in answer to your plurk:

  2. Heh. That answers what he did in Davao. But what he did in SM? Shop. Maybe for uniforms. And for loot bags for his 10,000 friends. ;-)