Monday, February 16, 2009

UP Diliman, Dawn

In an effort to keep up with my daily physical regimen, I made sure to wake up early and jog while at the writers conference. We were billeted at the University Hotel of UP Diliman. UP Diliman! With its Sunken Garden and UP Oval! How perfect is that for jogging grounds?

My daily route would invariably take me through the Oblation. Two to three times, in fact. Backlit by the rising sun peering through the pillars of the administration building, the figure for me became an irresistible stop.

I only wish I had brought a better camera than my crummy old cellphone!

As it turned out, it was also the week of the full moon, and that afforded me some trick angled shots with the brazier fronting the Oblation.

And, of course, the perfect way to cap a jog is with a cup of taho.


  1. i just realized, i don't have pictures of you!!!! or the conference. oh well. next year. next year. :p