Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fat Tuesday at Spirale

As an offshoot of the Food Appreciation Tours, it's become de rigueur for Davao bloggers to take photos of food every time they go out to eat. Scads and scads of photos. Plus scads more.

It's time to declare: Stop! Stop! STOP! It's getting embarrassing!

Take one photo, if you must, and dig in. Dig in, for crying out loud!

After all, there's no better hallmark of appreciation than an empty plate scraped clean. And to start it all off, let me offer my own empty plate. Burp.

Said photo was taken at Spirale Restaurant at Damosa last night, get-together having been arranged by Blogie the night before. Now an empty plate doesn't really convey what was on it, so let me just say it was a dish of lasagna -- or should I say, lasagne. The best dish I've sampled so far -- of either lasagna or lasagne.

At P245, it was a little pricey (no free food trip this time around, so this post is entirely voluntary), but for a Fat Tuesday treat it was worth it. Two inches deep, layered with soft pasta, packed with savory beef and tomato sauce, and topped with cheese and more cheese -- it was the perfect sendoff into the season of Lent. It could have easily served two people, but I ate it all. Yes, I ate it all. Fork by fork of steaming mouthfuls. And it was yummy.

After dinner, we retired over to Kangaroo Cafe for some coffee and free WiFi. Sans any serious camera clicking, conversation ranged into iPod Touch with goat stew, Chupa Chups, tex cards, trump cards, plastic balloons, naphthalene balls, cockroaches, 9-volt batteries, Vanessa Carlton, John Malkovich, that guy from Die Hard, that other guy from White Chicks, LCD screens, graphics cards, and Garnet, Garmon, Galaxy, Eagle, and Queens, among many other such idle talk as might pervade a Tuesday night.


  1. It was one of the best Plurkfiestas / bloggers' food trips we've done so far. Mardi Gras FTW!


    P.S. You forgot to include in the list of topics: ingesting cockroaches as an infant; mermaids; and that other dude in Chuck & Larry.

  2. That nicely sums up last night's adventure. Sated and humored. Bellies full of food and laughs.

    Thanks for this funny and insightful post, Dom.

  3. Now that you've written about how good the lasagne at Spirale is, I regret that I did not steal half of Lyle's order from him.

    Btw, good luck on your trip.