Sunday, February 08, 2009

Dumaguete Under Water

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Dumaguete went under water yesterday. It had been raining without pause since Friday evening, continuing well into Saturday with an especially heavy downpour. By Saturday afternoon, water was chest-deep in some places. Hard hit were Piapi, Looc, Calindagan, Candau-ay and Batinguel.

As far as blog coverage goes, Dumaguete is still pretty dim. I wish there were more photos and running accounts of the flood, but so far my only sources are Mel (with her after-flood coverage) and by way of Mel, I Hate My Job (who has more pictures and videos, but none of the city proper, though). Through Google, I found just one more account of the flood, which recounts the raging waters assaulting the Banica bridge.

From a phone conversation with my aunt, we heard that Lee Plaza closed at 5PM yesterday. The waters had started going at the courtesy booth outside. I'm not sure of the rest of the details, but it's a wonder the grocery wasn't flooded. More posts as soon as I gather the stories.


  1. This is wife will call home right away.
    I hate to think how everyone in Dumaguete & there-abouts are doing.

  2. I've been trying to find out more myself. I hope they are OK though.

  3. Bitaw, Doms, I don't know where my kapatids in the blogosphere are.

    Here are some more stories and pics:

  4. Hi, Thanks for linking my blog and using a picture from there - it boosts my morale to be linked :D

    Yes, I was only able to post pictures of the flood a few steps away from our house as we were cut off from accessing the city :D

    I do have some follow-up pictures of the destruction of the highway at SacSac, Bacong. You might want to check it out here: