Saturday, December 20, 2008

ThinkPad with two LCD screens

If I'm really really really really really REALLY good over the next year, would I get something like this in my Santa stocking? Oh, who am I kidding? Probably not.

Then again, just as well: the thing weighs 11 pounds and costs $3,600. Main article.


  1. Before reading the main article, my question was "why 2 screens?"...then I read this,
    "Why two screens? Most people are using two monitors at their desktop. So we wanted to give them all the things they are used to on their desk,"........sorry,but who uses 2 monitors at their desktop?

  2. Software developers do. One monitor for the code, the other monitor for output or reference. I have a friend who once had three monitors running.

    Or it could just be for watching a movie while working ;-)

  3. Yeah, I do that too. I don't develop ( usually ) but having one screen for my email and standard office apps in another screen really works for me.

    Hi Doms, hope you get something for Christmas anyway, despite you being a Scrooge this year! :D

  4. Merry Christmas Dom !!! Maybe you can dress as Santa and buy it for yourself? ;-)

  5. Marianne and Chaz: I'm more likely to dress as the Grinch and NOT buy it for myself. Oh! Why must I be so schizophrenic? :-D

    Merry Christmas to you all!

  6. MyCommentNo1: 11 pounds?! That's 5 kilos! Might as well carry a desktop along.

    MyCommentNo2: $3,600?! @#^&@*&!

  7. I use 2 screens at work. Makes me work better and faster, too. Leaving me over 3 hours of nothing to do at work. ;)