Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Taxi in a ditch

While driving out to work this morning, I came across this hapless scene. I just had to stop to take some photos.

No, the man surveying the, er, flotsam is not actually the driver of the taxi; like me, he's just another curious passerby. Would've been a more interesting story if it was, though.

Odd how the taxi seems to have fallen cleanly sideways into the ditch. We kibitzers surmised that it was parked on the curb, a little too close to the edge, and then another car hit it and pushed it over.

The damage on the front right side -- oh, make that top side -- lends credence to the theory.

We wanted to make sure no one was inside. One guy tried the doors but they were locked. Thank goodness! (Though it would have really been interesting if there was someone.)