Friday, December 19, 2008


Help! I'm drowning in an overabundance of poems!
Love poems, breakup poems
Funny poems, sad poems
Maudlin poems, corny poems
Good poems, bad poems, atrocious poems!

           Poems   Poems
   Poems    PoemsPoems
 Poems  POems
     Poems  pOeMs
             Poems   PoemsPoems
         Poems  PoEmS
  Poems              Poems
              Poems PoemsPoems Poems

   Poems POEMS!

   Poems   Phe-phe-phe-phe-phe-POEMS!

Because everyone wants to be a steeeeenkin' POET!


what I really want


    * * * prose * * *

Short stories, essays, creative nonfiction

A prose by any other name would smell as sweet
O, I would love some red, red prose
Proses red and proses white
I've a pretty Prose Tree

So, uhm, yes, I'm editing Dagmay this week and there's not enough prose in the queue.



  1. would porn count if written well enough? :D

  2. Only if it's tasteful...but if it is, it wouldn't be porn, would it?

    But seriously, I treat Sun.Star as PG-13 territory, so....

  3. I find that this is the dilemma that faces all literary editors from the high school level onwards. I don't know if it's because more people fancy themselves poets than storytellers, or if poems are simply easier to write. Back during my college days, I remember that the ratio was about four to one.

    The typical way to resolve the disparity is to offer incentives for prose, or to restrict the number of poetic works in the final publication. Considering that you're already looking at the submissions now, though, your best bet is to set a proportion quota between the two types. (Say... two-to-one or three-to-one.)

  4. People only THINK that poems are easier to write: a rhyme here, some fancy versification there. The reality is quite the opposite.

    Space-wise, Dagmay is already oriented towards prose. Poetry only gets one column, while prose gets five. And still the bad verse comes in.

    Bah, humbug!