Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Open Source Exam Experiment

Email to my students:

Thank you all for subscribing to this mailing list. I hope you've found it to be a helpful tool rather than a frivolous plaything.

Since this is an open source class, I want to try an open source experiment -- an "open source exam", if you will.

Here's how it will work:

You will each send me, as a response to this email, at least 20 questions (and answers) that you've gleaned from the lectures, presentations, laboratory exercises, and supplementary reading material. I will use these questions in your prelim exam. However, I will have veto power on which questions will make it to the exam; I also reserve the right to add more questions.

I will only accept entries with at least 20 questions. Subsequent sets must not include questions already given.

You have the right to circulate the questions and answers among your friends; in fact, I encourage it.

The exam, of course, will be closed notes, and I will randomize the order in which the questions are given.

Let the questions come rolling in.

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